SPECDC - Solar PhotoElectroChemical Device Comparison

Compare photoelectrochemical and photo-driven electrochemical devices for solar hydrogen production using different metrics. The work is based on the publication Tembhurne et al., Nature Energy, doi:0.1038/s41560-019-0373-7, 2019. Implemented by the Laboratory of Renewable Energy Science and Engineering (LRESE) at EPFL headed by Prof. Sophia Haussener. Contact us for any comments or questions.



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Fill color - PV / photoabsorber material
Boundary color - EC material
Symbol shape - PV / photoabsorber and EC configuration
All III-V Rare metal-based (expensive) 2J, integrated PVs and catalyst 3J, integrated PVs and catalyst
Partial III-V Abundant (cheap) 2J, integrated PVs, wired catalyst 3J, integrated PVs, wired catalyst
All Si 2J, non-integrated PVs or catalyst 3J, non-integrated PVs or catalyst
Partial Si
Oxides and others